Subiaco Children's Centre





You will be asked to complete an online enrolment form requesting information about your child’s health, custody arrangements and emergency contacts. You will need to name all persons who may deliver and/or collect your child from the Centre. It is your responsibility to ensure your nominated people are responsible and available when required. Note given capacity restrictions we are unable to offer afterschool care to new families and all children will be placed on a waitlist, before school and vacation are still available.

The details required on the enrolment form are needed by our staff to help them take the best possible care of your child. All information is strictly confidential. If any of the details on the enrolment form change you are asked to advise the Director immediately or update through our HOME app.

At the time of enrolment you will be asked to pay two weeks fees in advance, fully disclose any medical or health concerns relating to your child, and agree to lodge your application with the Family Assistance Office for Child Care Subsidy within 28 days of your child starting care. (See the section below on Child Care Benefit for further information.)

The enrolment form will form as an application to be a new or renewed member of the Subiaco Out of School Centre Inc T/A Subiaco Children’s Centre. Further information on our constitution can be obtained by contacting the Director on 0413 170 223 or

Priority of Access

The Commonwealth Government requires the Centre to provide access to the service according to the following priorities. This means that when the Centre is full, those families who are third priority may be asked to alter their care arrangements to allow a family with higher priority to access the service.

First priority: Children at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
Second priority: Children whose parents satisfy the work/training/study test under section 14 of the A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999. In addition to the Act, priority will also be given to:

  1. children of staff
  2. children of management committee
  3. children with sibling already enrolled with the centre

Third priority: Any other child

Current Fees

Our fees are reviewed on an annual basis. Our current fee schedules are:

  • Before School Care : $16
  • After School Care: $30
  • Vacation Care: $72
  • A late fee for every 15 (fifteen) minutes, or part thereof, that a child remains at the Centre beyond closing time will be charged. The fee is set at $30.00 for every fifteen minutes after 6.00pm.

Payment of Fees

Our Centre’s operation is dependent on maintaining fees. Please read the following information carefully.

Fees must be paid for two weeks in advance. Parents pay for a place, therefore, if they are booked in, payment is required whether their child attends or not.

The Administrator will provide an email statement of fees due each fortnight, you may also view this through your HOME app. You are asked to pay your fees promptly to ensure the viability of the service. Fees payment are only payable via Direct Debit.

Anyone experiencing difficulties in meeting their fees payments may speak to the Director who can make mutually agreeable repayment arrangements. If your fees are more than three weeks overdue and you have not made arrangements to pay or have not kept to arrangements made, your child’s place will be cancelled.

Parents should notify the Centre if your child is going to be away or absent. Any child not attending the Centre for two consecutive weeks without notifying the Director (in writing if possible), of the reason, shall be regarded as having withdrawn, and the place will be cancelled.

Child Care Subsidy

All eligible families and provide current and correct information, as requested on the enrolment form are now eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Full fees will be charged until the information is provided. Parents can apply for this payment, which will reduce the childcare fees and is generally paid directly to service provider. Any difference between the fee charged and the subsidy amount, parents will pay the gap.

Fee Reduction Families

Families’ combined annual income (for example, Families earning $65,710 or less will be entitled to receive a subsidy of 85% of the fees they pay, while those on $350,000 or more will be entitled to 0%), the activity level (the number of hours of care parents can claim) and the service type are assessed and is used to determine the amount of CCS. Families can get an estimate of what they may be entitled to by entering their details into the Department of Human Services Payment and Service Finder or contact the Family Assistance office on 13 61 50.

Cessation of Care

To withdraw from the centre permanently or reduce the number of days booked at the centre, families are asked to provide two weeks written notice. Please note that CCS is not payable for any absences at the start and end of care (even the two weeks of written notice was given in advance). This is known as ‘Cessation of Care’, therefore, full fees will be charged.