Subiaco Children's Centre

About Us


Welcome to our centre. Please read this information carefully to assist you in settling your child into the Centre and to answer any questions you may have. If you require more detailed information, or a copy of the activity program, please do not hesitate to consult with the Director or a staff member. The Centre’s Policy Manual is available in the admin’s office for you to view at any time.

  • We are located at 160 Hamersley Road, Subiaco
  • Number of places : 50
  • Age range of children: 4-14yrs


We believe that:

  • Every Child is an individual, with unique abilities and interests
  • Each child should be treated equally, and each child’s social and cultural background will be acknowledged and respected
  • Children learn through their play, interests and meaningful interactions with others
  • All children have the right to experience quality child care within a safe and protected environment
  • Our child care educators will work in partnership with families to ensure the best outcomes for each and every child Subiaco Children’s Centre aims to provide warm and caring environment where children attending can develop their physical, social and emotional skills under the committed and dedicated supervision of professional educator.


To provide a high quality and affordable out of school hours child care service for Primary School age children which meets the varied demands of the working parent, the student parent and as demand/vacancies permit, any other eligible parent.


  • To provide a Centre that meets the child care needs of working parents, student parents and those wishing to re-enter the work force.
  • To provide a cost effective service.
  • To ensure a high level of security and supervision for children.
  • To create and maintain an attractive child-centred environment.
  • To provide programmes that meet the developmental needs and encourage participation in centre activities by all children.
  • To encourage participation of parents in the management of the centre.
  • To create a Centre that supports and complements the policies of the Subiaco Primary School.

Management of the Centre (Community Based Services)

The Centre is managed by an Incorporated Committee, comprising of parents who use the service and other community representatives who have an interest in the operations of the service. Parental involvement is very important at a management level to ensure the service is meeting family needs. All families are eligible to be elected onto the Management Committee and are welcome to provide input into the operations of the service at any time. Please feel free to raise any ideas or issues to the centre, or speak to any of the listed Committee Members at any time. Management Committee Meetings are held once a month. The minutes of these meetings are posted on the notice board in the reception area. You are welcome to read them at any time. The Committee is responsible for the operations of the service to ensure it meets all legal requirements and is financially viable. From time to time the Management Committee may establish sub-committees to take on certain projects or events. All parents are encouraged to participate in these sub-committees or to offer other skills or assistance to the running of the Centre at any opportunity. During the year, the Committee organises informal social events for parents at whom you can get to know other parents and your Management Committee. You are encouraged to attend these get togethers to find out a little more about the Centre and to establish friendships with other families that your child will meet at the Centre.